The 70's
Names as of: September 3, 2022
Anderson, Charles   Address: 4214 Gulfstream Pwky  Cape Coral, Florida 33993
Spouse: Christine  Phone: 239 210 1938
Date on Board: 1970 - 1972   Rate/Rank on Board: RD2
Email: [email protected]

Boersema, Richard   Address: 1740 S Pecan Avenue, Broken Arrow, OK  Spouse: Chris  Phone: 918-286-2238 Years/Date on board: 1971-1972  Rate/Rank on board: MM3 Email: [email protected]Comments: My first shipboard command for 6 months prior to attending Nuclear Power School

Brandon, John    Address: 1212 N. Fairwater Drive
Spouse:  Christina     Phone: (757) 440-1324
Years/Date on board: 1972  Rate/Rank on board: LCDR
Email: [email protected]
Comments: I was the Commanding Officer when Keith was transferred to the Columbian Navy. Thus, I was the last actual commanding officer of the ship.

Butler, Jerry    Address: 403 Caroline Drive,  Bellingham, Ma  02019-1378
Spouse: Betty   Phone:  508-966-2879
Years/Date on board :1971 - 1972   Rate/Rank on board: MMC
Email: [email protected]

Crain, Maurice  Address: 406 Lakeshore Drive, Hanna City, IL 61536
Spouse: Helen (Courtland Estates, Peoria, IL)
Dates on board:  71-72      Rate(s) on board: FT2
Deceased: April 17, 2000

Croft, Robert   Address: 19 Chauncy Street Westborough Ma.
Spouse: Kathleen (Pat)    Phone: 508-330-8344
Years/Date on board:  70-71   Rate/Rank on board:  sksn
Email: [email protected]
Comments: Those really were the "good old days"!

Deason, Steven  Address: 1103 Jewell Store Rd.,  Dresden TN 38225
Date on Board:  1970   Rate/Rank on Board:  SA
Email:   [email protected]
Comments:  Retired YNC(AW) JAN 1992, Command Chief

Dunton, Ronald    Address :  Lewiston, Maine
Spouse : Joan
Years/Date on board :  1970-72    Rate/Rank on board : QM3
Email : [email protected]
Comments : I was on board until turned over to the Columbians in July of 72 and got married 2 days later.

Hand, Larry   Address:  1415Bookhout Drive, Cumming, GA  30041
Years on board:  1970-71  Rate on board:  RM2  Spouse:  Judy
Email:  [email protected]
Comments:  Slept on burn bags, many a night while underway, to keep the radio shack manned.

Hatfield, David    Address: HC-72 Box 27 Gilbert, WV 25621
Spouse: Carolyn  Phone: 304-664-9089
Date on Board: July 71- July 72  Rate/Rank on Board: MM3
Email:     [email protected]

Hohensee, Roger  Phone:  608-449-2903    71-72 Cook

Larsen, Michael   Address :  Huntsville, AL
Years/Date on board : 1971-72  Rate/Rank on board :  QM2
Email:  [email protected] 
Comments : Good Times.

Johnson, Ted  Address: N5550 Cheyenne Dr., Onalaska, Wisconsin 54650
Spouse: Darlene   Phone: 606-304-1059
Date on Board: 1969-1971  Rate/Rank on board: BT3
Email: [email protected]
Comment: Where is Clarky? best boss ever

Jones, George  Address: 225 Sykes Lane   Wallingford, PA 19086
Spouse:  Elma     Phone: 610-565-5128
Years/Date on board: 1970 & 1971 Rate/Rank on board:  DK3
Email: [email protected]

Klumpp, Gus    70s   QM1

Luttrell, Steve Address: P.O. Box 27, Iron Station, NC 28080
Spouse: Ila Phone: 704-240-1342
Date on Board: 10/71-2/72 Rate/Rank on Board: MM3
Email:  [email protected]

McCartney, Dan  Address: 294 Montelluna Dr, North Venice, Fl. 34275
Spouse: Becky  Phone: 941-488-1615
Years/Date on board: Oct. 1971/Feb. 1972  Rate/Rank on board: FTG1
Email: [email protected]
Comments: I was on board when the Keith was turned over to the Columbian Navy

Meadors, William,  Address: 4270 E. Montpelier Rd. # 26 Marion, IN 46953
Phone: (765) 661-7324 (Cell)
Years/Date on board : 1/71-4/71  Rate/Rank on board : MM 3
Email: [email protected]
Comments: Was on W K in Baltimore Ship Yard for 3 Months

Mitchell, Joseph (Joe)     Address :15 Parkhurst Road; Merrimack, NH 03054-2319
Spouse :  Sheila   Phone :  (603) 493-3238
Years/Date on board :  March 1970 - July 1971 Rate/Rank on board: Ltjg
Email : [email protected]
Comments : Wonderful ship with lots of memorable people.  Last line of defense against the Ruskies.  They never took Norfolk on our watch!

Mooney, Jerry    Address: 2510 Lakeside, Garland, TX  75042
Spouse:  Marlena Jo  Phone:  972-485-8995
Years/Date on board:  1971 - 1972  Rate/Rank on board:  YN1
Email:  [email protected]

Palfrey, Edward   Address:  620 S. Meridian St.Tallahassee, Fl. 32399
Spouse:  Lori    Phone: 954-592-6329
Years/Date on board: 1970 - 1972  Rate/Rank on board: STG3
Email:  [email protected]

Saunders, Robert F.   Address : 13503 Great Spring Rd  Smithfield Va 23430
Spouse : Theresa    Phone : 757 621-0715
Years/Date on board:Feb 71 to de-commissioning Sept 72  Rate/Rank on board:  LTJG
Email :   [email protected]
Comments : DCA MPA Engineer Officer

Severson, Peter       Address:  6448 Glen Cove Road
Spouse: Tamara Mau Severson  Phone:315-496-2310
Years/Date on board: MAR 1970 to JUN 1971  Rate/Rank on board: MM3
Email: [email protected]
Comments: A good ship with a good ship's company crew and a wealth of reservists. One of the few M type plants still in service at the time and a wonderful experience for those wishing to sample a NSFO Powered vessel. The Co was also very well oriented and all in all my brief stay with DD775 was most rewarding prior to attending NPS.

Stewart, Kenneth  Address :  810 Clement Ave  Belpre Oh. 45714
Spouse : Mary Alice    Phone :  740-315-5003
Years/Date on board : 1970-1972    Rate/Rank on board : BT2
Email : [email protected]
​Comment: Worked in forward Fire room

Vinson, Robert Elton  1971-73  Clerk (?)

Voeth, Geoffrey   Address :Apache Junction   Arizona
Spouse : Divorced
Years/Date on board : 1971  Rate/Rank on board :  Fireman Apprentice
Email :   [email protected]
Comments : I was a reservist at this time in my last year of high school at Lake Taylor High and not a part of the Nuclear Crew. I think we pounded new gaskets for the steam plant and held an economy run before selling this vessel. I remember possibly chipping ice off the superstructure and laying ship/shore power cables but that might have been the USS Ellison which upon i also served. Sometimes i get these two ships confused with each other.My dad was a Leut Mustanger on the William R. Rush. We lived, during this time, in Norfolk Virginia but were mostly a Navy Gypsy Family moving all up and down the East Coast.

Warga Michael Address : 1700 Gross st. Conway, PA
Years/Date on board: 1971-1972  Rate/Rank on board : BM3
Comments : still have fond memories of the people I met "God Bless You All"
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