The 50's
Names as of: May 4, 2024
Anderson, Charles,  11801 Greenspring Avenue, Owings Mills, MD  21117 Phone:  410-252-1856
Dates on board:  5/23/51 - 8/15/52  Rate on board:  PO2

Arnold, Herbert  Address: 5000 Queen Philomena Blvd.  #124
Spouse: Frances  Phone: 518-372-9061
Years/Date on board: 1950-1952  Rate/Rank on board: TM1c
Email: [email protected]

Balderson, Burl "Baldy" Address : 5670 Harris Hwy, Washington, WV 26181
Spouse :Janice   Phone :  304-863-5543
Years/Date on board : 58-59  Rate/Rank on board :SN
Email :  [email protected]
Comments : Was the mailman

Barboza, Abel R.,   Address : 4386 Avenida Carmel, Cypress, Ca 90630-3439
Spouse : Iris Barboza (Passed away 5/6/15)    Phone :  (714) 306-2888
Years/Date on board : January 1952-December 1955  Rate/Rank on board : QM3
Email : [email protected]
Comments : After 52 years great reading about the history of the ship and discovering the assocation.  Still have many fond memories and hope to get connected  with some of my former shipmates

Barone, Luke  Address: 153 Hedgerow Lane, West Chester, PA 19380
Spouse: Annette Phone:  601-226-5305  Years on board: 1959-1962  Rate on board: BT2
Email: [email protected]

Bauer, Joseph ( Moose )  Address: 1101 State Road, Lincoln University, PA  19352,  prev. Philly
Spouse: Kate  Phone: 484-371-8226
Years/Date on board: Aug 1950 - May 1952  Rate/Rank on board: BTFN
Email:  [email protected]
Comments: I was on board during the recommissioning at Charleston,S.C. We were with the Flying Enterprise from Jan.5,1952-Jan.10,1952. Our captain was CDR.Leslie J. Obrien. Ret.Upper Half Rear Admiral. Great ship & Great Crew.

Bell, Walter Herbert Served during the Korean War

Bernini, Frank   Address:  82 Brittany Road, Indian Orchard, Mass.
Spouse: Peggy  Phone:  413-543-3046
Years/Date on board:  9/50 to 4/52  Rate/Rank on board: SOG3
Email: [email protected]
Comments: Great memories!

Black, Gary   Address: 1441 Shawn Dr, Baton Rouge, La.70806
Spouse : Abbie (Deceased)   Phone : 225-937-7965
Years/Date on board : 1958-1960  Rate/Rank on board : TM3
Email : drgarybla[email protected]

Boschen, Henry C. Jr.   Years on board: 53-55 Rate/Rank on board:  LTJG

Bryson, Francis "Frank"  Address::308 Country Lane  Grasonville, MD  21638
Spouse: Elaine (deceased)    Phone:  410-304-2158
Date on Board: 51-52   Rate/Rank on Board:  SN
Email:  [email protected]
Comments: Wife deceased March 18, 2013

Burbidge, Lewis Ray   Address : 10639 S. 2200 West    South Jordan, Utah 84095   
Spouse : Jean C. Burbidge   Phone : (801)-254-3061
Years/Date on board : '51 to '54   Rate/Rank on board : SN - 2nd Div.

Caretti, Robert Address:  4450 W. Foothill Ct., Barton City, MI   48705  Phone:  9890-848-5785  Years on board:  55-57 
Rate/rank:  FT2  Spouse: Nancy (deceased 2013)  Email:  [email protected]  

Carlson, Louis   Address: 1303 N. Ivanhoe Rd.
Spouse: Rosie   Phone: 231-843-8157
Years/Date on board: May 1954-Aug.1956  Rate/Rank on board: ET3/ET2
Birthday: March 1,1933  Email:  [email protected]

Campbell, Edward F.  Address: 94 Kings Orchard Lane, Montross, VA 22520-4022 
Spouse: Betty   Phone: 804-472-3958
Years/Date on board: 52 - 54  Rate/Rank on board: FT2
Birthday: 11-19-32
Email: [email protected]
Comments: I joined the Keith in Philadelphia and was lucky enough to do the world cruise.  I made a lot of great friends during this time.  It is great to see them again at the reunions.  I enjoyed my work; the only gun firing we ever had to do was at targets

Camron, Richard   Address: Box 22672,   Milwaukie  Oregon
Phone: 503 786 1773:
Years/Date on board: Oct 1950, June1952   Rate/Rank on board: BT3

Cline, Ronald   Address: 1111 Greeley Dr. Galloway, OH 43119
Spouse: Patsy Cline  Phone: (614) 878-9277
Years/Date on board:1953-1956  Rate/Rank on board: Second Class, Sheet Metal

Collins, Francis B.   2802 Aspenwood Way, Jefferson Station, NY  11776
Phone:  631-965-5089  Dates on board:  5/1/57 - 5/1/58  Rate on board:  PN3
Spouse:  Marion
Email:  [email protected]
Comments:  Where can I get a copy of Ketcham Dennis the Menace photo. Thanks

Collura, Salvatore (Joe)   Address :  850 Edgewood Rd, Titusville, FL 32780
Spouse :  Rita    Phone :  321-267-4405
Years/Date on board :1950 - 1953  Rate/Rank on board : ET2
Email :  [email protected]

Spouse:  PATRICIA    Phone:  301-371-5527      
Years/Date on board:  59-60   Rate/Rank on board:  RM3
Email: [email protected]

Crain, Maurice  Address:  406 Lakeshore Dr, Hanna City, IL  Years on board: ?  Rate/Rank on board:  ET2
Spouse:  Helen Crain   Email: N/A   
Comments:  Maurice died 17 April 2000.  His wife, Helen Crain, survives him and is currently living in |Courtyard Estates, Peoria, IL.

Deutsch, Marshall   Address: 2460 Bay Berry Court, Clearwater, FL 33763
Spouse: Karen  Phone: (727) 796-4131
Years/Date on board: 1959-1961  Rate/Rank on board: RD3
Birthday:  4/20/41  Email: [email protected]
Comments: I have since changed my name to Tony Marsh, but I'm still the same guy! Great to hear from any old shipmates.

Degeso, Al  Address:  9 Orange TreeCcourt, Manorville, NY 11949
Spouse: Dolores   Phone: 631 399 1008
Years/Date on board: 1953/1956   Rate/Rank on board: RD3
Email:  [email protected]
Comments: I'm also on two other keith links.Have submitted  photos but cannot locate them as yet. Would like to get in touch with bob schwartz, new jersey. he is probably the  RD1 served with in good times.

DeVivo, John A.   Address:  55 Rover La  Hicksville  NY 11801
Spouse:   Ebro   Phone : (519) 731-7709
Years/Date on board : 1951-1955  Rate/Rank on board : FT2
Email : [email protected]

DiGiorgio, Thomas  11 Johns Lane, Castleton, NY 12033  518-441-3733  May 1951-April 1955    ME2
Spouse:  Diane  Email:  [email protected]

Dillow, William H.  5566 Ridgewood Rd. E., Springfield, OH  Ph:  937-925-6294  Years on board: 1959-62
Rate: MM3  Spouse: Gloria  eMail:  [email protected]  

DiPasquale,Carmine  Address: 2 Green Acres Lane ,White Plains New York, 10607
Phone: 914-347-4271
Years/Date on board: Dec 1959- Mar 1963 Rate/Rank on board : E2
Email: [email protected]

Eberhardy, Roger  Address : 2532 Wedemeyer St. Sheboygan WI 53081
Phone :  920 452 8552
Years/Date on board : 1955 - 1957    Rate/Rank on board :  QM3
Email :  [email protected]

Fayer, James V., 2309 Terrace View Lane, Spring Hill, FL 34606  Phone:  362-686-7035 
11/50-4/53  ET2    [email protected] 

Ference, Duane P. (Skip), 14586 Sperry Road, Newbury, OH  44065  Phone:  440-338-3607
Years on board:  1958-1960  Rate/Rank on board:  FN  Spouse:  Marge Cornish

Ferguson, David  Address: Coconut creek, FL
Spouse: Stella  Phone:  954-426 4815
Years/Date on board: 1950-1954  Rate/Rank on board: BT3
Birthday: 6/14/33  Email: [email protected]

Flaherty, Thomas
Spouse:  Ruth
Years on board:  1957--1959
Rank:  LTjg

Foster, Maurice  Address: 47064 198th Ave McGregor, MN  55760
Spouse: Patricia   Phone: 218-426-3199  Cell: 218-820-4242
Years/Date on board: 1958 - 1959  Rate/Rank on board: ET2
Email: [email protected]
Comments: During the time I was on board the Willard Keith there was two main deployments, the Med cruise and Inland Sea cruise which marked the opening of the Great Lakes to ocean ships. My log book indicates the Med trip covered 36,757 miles,at sea for 103 days and in port for 73 days. Some great memories of my time on the Willard.

Fregeau, John A. (Jack)   Address: 107 Deepwood Drive Avon, CT 06001
Spouse: Mary    Phone: 860.693.4059
Years/Date on board: 1951-1954 Rate/Rank on board: SA-FT2
Email:  [email protected]

Friedhaber, Robert J., 41 Autumn Wood, Rochester, NY  14624-5345
Phone:  585-889-1063 1964-65  FN Spouse:  Debra  Email:  [email protected]
Died 1/6/2023

Fuller, Joseph   Address : 258 Kiwi Dr  Barefoot Bay, FL. 32976
Spouse : Margaret Stahler Fuller   Phone: 772-202-4233
Years/Date on board : 1952-1956  Rate/Rank on board : ??
Email : [email protected]

Gardner, Francis (Frank)   Address: 5674 Barry Trace Dublin, OH 43017
Spouse: Madelyn   Phone: 614-795-1669
Years/Date on board: Jan.1953 - Jan.1956 Rate/Rank on board: SO3-SO1
Email:  [email protected]
Comments: Great time of my life.  Looking for shipmates, Keech, Berkowitz, Axline

Gemberling, Richard  Address: 941 Fir Street Micco, Fl. 32976
Spouse: Patricia   Phone:  772-664-1725
Years/Date on board: 1950-1954  Rate/Rank on board: BT 3
Email:  [email protected]
Comments: Love attending.

Gill, Wheeler  Address:  716 E 3rd St., Canton, SD 57013  Phone:  605-987-2528
Years on board:  58-61  Rate on board:  RM3  Spouse:  Gloria

Goldberg, Paul  Address:  1549 Sprayberry Drive Marietta, GA 30066
Spouse:  Ella  Phone:  770-971-4539
Years/Date on board:  56-59  Rate/Rank on board: RM3
Email: [email protected]

Graham, David (Dave)  118 Longleaf Circle, Pooler, GA  Phone:  912-677-0538   9/56-9/59
Rate on board:  SN/SF3  Spouse:  Karen
Email:  [email protected]

Greene, John   Address: 2108 Council Fire Dr. Knoxville, Tennessee 37918
Spouse: Anne  Phone: 865 688 8749 
Years/Date on board: Dec.49 thru Oct.52  Rate/Rank on board: GMM3
Email: [email protected]
Comments: Great ship,great crew

Haden, Tommy, 65 Finney Road, Vienna, IL  62995  1950-51  MM3

Halascsak, Leonard Address: 1339 S.Wabash St, Hobart, IN 46342
Spouse: Bonita    Phone: 219-228-0611
Date on Board: 6/59-7/61 Rate/Rank on Board: RD3
Email:  [email protected]

Hamilton, Charles ( Bob)  Address : 1509 Main Street  Wellsburg W.VA. 26070
Phone : 304-737-0493  or  304-907-0503
Years/Date on board:1950-1952  Rate/Rank on board: fcs3
Email: wmcgowan160@comcast,net
Comment: Would like to hear from you

Hansen, Gerald (Jerry) Address: 330 Beryl Street, Broomfield, Colorado 80020      
Spouse: Louise   Phone: 303-466-2177
Years/Date on board: Feb 1952 - Oct 1955 Rate/Rank on board: SA-FT2
Email: [email protected]

Hardegree, John  Address: 9897 Oak Ridge RD  Escondido, CA 92026
Spouse: Barbara  (Bobbi)  Phone:760  751-0849
Years/Date on board: 1959-1960  Rate/Rank on board: QM3-QM2
Email: [email protected]
Comment: Out of 20 years in the Navy this was one of better duty stations due to the crew.

Hartley, Don     Address: 108 Ponderosa Dr.   Broomfield, CO 80020
Spouse: Madeleine Hartley  Phone: 303 469 7451
Years/Date on board: 50-52 or 53    Rate/Rank on board: Airman, Special Intelligence
Email:  [email protected]

Hauldren, Ken   Address : 170 West paradise Dr.TN. 37398
Spouse : Jackay  Phone : 931-967-4752
Years/Date on board : Nov.1950-April 1954  Rate/Rank on board : SKSN
Email :  [email protected]
Comments : I am not Dead
I was Jack of the Dust for over three years. I did carry a lot of stores, over those three years.   the only time the Chief would give me any help was Thanksgiving and Christmas. But it did beat standing watches on the bridge.

Heffernan, Michael   Address: 5814 Penn Forest Place,  Roanoke Virginia 24018-5140
Spouse: Jo Ann   Phone: 540 774 6118
Years/Date on board: two  '59-'61  Rate/Rank on board: SN
Email: [email protected]
Comments: Served on board in the 1st Division from October 59 thru August 61. 
Went on a 6 month Med cruise, plus several Carribbean cruises, and up and down 
the East Coast. Great ship, nothing like duty on a " Tin Can " !

Hempstead, Don  Address: 151 Wilshire Dr, Fairfield Bay, AR  72088
Spouse: Jane  Phone: 501-884-6242
Years/Date on board:  6 Oct 1952-Feb. 1956  Rate/Rank on board: MM2
Birthday: 3-14-32   Email: [email protected]

Henault, Roland   Address:  Spring Hill State, FL  Years on board:  1953-57  Rate:  BT3
Son's eMail:  [email protected]
Comments:  My dad who served on the Willard Keith from 1953 through 1957 passed away
in December 2015.  My father always reflected upon his time serving in the Navy with great pride.
Thank you for maintaining this site.  It gives those of us who have (or had) family members who served
aboard the Keith a place to keep their memory and that of their shipmates alive.
Sincerely, Roland Henault Jr.  

Herndon, Clifford Jr.    50-52     RD2

Huk, Ronald  Address: 39 E. Kimar  Ave   Naniticoke,PA.  18634-3612
Spouse: Delores  Phone: 570-735-4637
Years/Date on board:  '54-'58 Rate/Rank on board: BT2
Email: [email protected]
Comments: Trying to find Gerald McFarlaine

Hunter, Robert E "Bob"  Address: 602 Golf Crest Ln. Davenport, Fl. 33837
     or Summer, 20 N.Front St. Franklin,N.C.28734
Spouse: Irene    Phone: 863 422 8111; 863 206 4802 (cell);828 369 9669
Years/Date on board: 50-53 Rate/Rank on board: GMM1-GMMC ; RET'FTCS.
Email: [email protected]
Comments: Damm fine Job; Enjoyable and memorable to some the Chief says HELLO.

Hurm, Dee L Sr.  Address: 12537-83rd Avenue North Seminole, FL 33776
Spouse: Carol   Phone: 727 391-8228
Years/Date on board: 1951-53   Rate/Rank on board: SN to FT2
Birthday: 11-26-31  Email: [email protected]

Hutchins, Jackie L.Address : 9566 Hwy. 421 North    Shady Valley, TN 37688
Spouse : Phyllis J. Hutchins  Phone : 423-739-2337
Years/Date on board :1957-1961 Rate/Rank on board : MM2
Email : [email protected]
Comments :We worked hard, played hard, and matured  as young men together. hope to hear from some of my shipmates.  I served on the Willard Keith, stood all the 4on and 4 off watches. froze in the portsmouth shipyard, roasted in the red sea and eat a ton of chicken when we were blocked for weeks in the Suez canal, thought it was rough, but went on to retire as MMCM. I look back and would do every minute all over. glad to hear from all my shipmates. smooth sailing to all. Hutch

Ingham, Carroll    Address: 7705 Mt. Tabor Rd.Chillicothe, OH 45601
Phone:  (740) 663-5596   Years on Board: 51-52  Rate/Rank on board: MM3

Jewell, Donald H   Address:16270 River St. NE  Alliance  Ohio  44601
Spouse: Gerry    Phone: 330-821-9531
Date on Board: 1959-1960   Rate/Rank on Board: FN
Email: [email protected]
Comment. I would love to hear from former friends and the engine room throttle man.

Jilbert, Richard     Address:  19205 Pearl Rd  #312   Strongsville, Ohio  44136-6904
Spouse: Florence     Phone: 440-846-6904
Years/Date on board: 1954-1955  Rate/Rank on board: ET1
Birthday: 5/29   Email: [email protected]

Johnson, Benjamin    Address: PO box 231Sherman, MS 38869
Spouse: Millie      Phone: 662-680-3838
Years/Date on board: 1956-1957    Rate/Rank on board: SN
Email: [email protected]

Jones, Myles E. (Casey)  Address: 904 Welsh St. Kane,Pa. 16735
Spouse:  Anne R.   Phone: 814-837-8695
Years/Date on board: 1950-53   Rate/Rank on board:  FTSN
Birthday: 10-23-31  Email: [email protected]
Comments: This Web page will be wonderful to keep people in touch. A WELL DONE.

Jones, Richard     Address:470 Martin St. Philadelphia, Pa 19128
Spouse: Judy    Phone:  215-487-0822
Years/Date on board: April 1959 to December 1962   Rate/Rank on board: SM2
Email: [email protected]
Comments: Best duty I had in the Navy

Juliano, Frank   Address: 112 Dooley Court, Apt. F208, North Palm Beach, FL  33408-5690
Spouse:   Dolores      PHONE: 561-324-1414
Years/Date on board:  '50- '52     Rate/Rank on board: FPFN

Kangas, Kenneth   Address : 2470 Granlund Rd, Cromwell, MN 55726
Phone :  218-644-3442
Years/Date on board : 1955 to 1959  Rate/Rank on board : MM3

Kimak, Edward (Ed) F. Address: 217 Mt. Isle Avenue N.E.  St. Petersburg, FL  33702
Phone: (727)521-3287
Years/Date on board: 1953-1955  Rate/Rank on board: BMSN
Email:[email protected]
Comments: Looking for Mike Wertz, Sal Luchesse, Frank Opoka and Willie Wilson.
Best ship in the 6th Fleet.  Many wonderful memories on Menace of the Seas.

Kleinedler, Robert  Address: 3004 Denwood Drive, Moundsville, W.V. 26041
Spouse: Patricia (deceased 6-10-2019)    Phone:  304-845-8473
Years/Date on board:  1954 to 1/1957  Rate/Rank on board: MM/3
Email: n/a
Comments: looking for charlie whitt from w.v. & don green from louisiana.

Knickerbocker, Charles K., Jr. Address: 129 Bradbury Road, Brookhaven, PA 19015
Spouse: Barbara   Phone: 610 872 1755
Years/Date on board: 3 Oct 1950 to 23 Apr 1952   Rate/Rank on board: YNT3
Birthday: 24 Apr 1930  Email: [email protected]

Kosmowski, Robert J. (KOSMO),   Address: 1714 Northview Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Phone: 719-473-9854  Years/Date on board: March 1953-February 1957   Rate/Rank on board: MM3
Spouse: Dottie      

Lang, Walter H.

Lang, William     Address:  18 Greycourt Ln. , Chester, N.Y.
Spouse: Marcy     Phone: 845-469-7108
Years/Date on board: 1952/1956   Rate/Rank on board: MM3
Comments: Best damn ship in the fleet!!!

L'Italien, Rodney (Rod) D., 4 Guild Street, Newburyport, MA 01950  Phone:  H-978-465-6608  C-978-462-7171
1953-1956 MM3  Spouse:  Barbara      Email:  [email protected]
I was good friends with Larry Seem, Bill Lang and Jackie Lawson.  I had 3 months 'till discharge and was
sent on a  month Med. cruise; had to be high lined to a cargo ship to get state side.

Long Jr. Carl (CJ)  Address: 3101 Audrey Drive Gastonia, NC 28054
Spouse: Suzanne Long  Phone: (704) 867-6255
Years/Date on board: 10/55-4/57  Rate/Rank on board: TM3
Email: [email protected]

Ludecker, Howard Years/Date on board:1951-52  Rate/Rank on board:Torpedoman

Malloy, John     Address: 1970 N. Leslie St., #410   Pahrump  NV 89060
Spouse:  Mary Anne   Phone:  702-592-8561
Date on Board: Jan 1953 - May 1954
Rate/Rank on Board: ET3
Email:  [email protected],

Marcham, Richard   Address: 3 Vine Drive,Vernon Ct. 06066
Spouse: Nancy       Phone: 860-647-1522
Years/Date on board: July 1958-May 1961 Rate/Rank on board: Sonarman SOG2
Email: [email protected]

Marks, Neil       Address: E-5 Seminole, FL
Spouse: Ila
Years/Date on board: 1950 thru 1954 or 1955 Rate/Rank on board: E-5/Quartermaster
Email: [email protected]
Comments: Please keep me up to date about reunions.

Martin, Henry L. Address : 2116 Polo Grounds Road  Charlottesville, Va. 22911-6310
Spouse : Agnes Marie Martin-Deceased Phone : 434-973-1613
Years/Date on board : 50s Rate/Rank on board : Petty Officer 3rd Class
Comments : I submit this for my father, who served aboard the Keith in the boiler room. He is now 79 years old, and is not in great health. I know he witnessed the sinking of the cargo ship FLYING ENTERPRISE, which contained the componets of the first atomic sub NAUTILUS. I also know he was aboard, when the Keith was believed to have sunk in stormy seas.

McGinley, David   Address: 1410 Ukiah St.,Oxnard, Calif. 93035
Spouse: Sue  Phone: 805-985-8391
Years/Date on board: Aug. 1957-April 1961  Rate/Rank on board: EN3
Email: [email protected]  ( wife's e-mail)
Comments: 2 Med cruises,Great Lakes,a lot of good memories.

Metler, Richard LeRoi   51-53   S1/C

Miller, Larry    Address : Po Box 9312  Napa, CA. 94558
Spouse : deceased  Phone : 707-966-0520
Years/Date on board :1957-1961  Rate/Rank on board : MM2
Email : [email protected]
Comments : My life has changed a lot lately after my wife passed away. I am doing just fine! 
I have not been able to connect with any shipmate that I knew well and served with from 1957-1961. A bit dissappointed!

Mills, Dwight G Jr  Address: 5715 W. 85th Ave., Crow Point, IN 46307 Phone: 765-649-1007 Years/Date on board: 53-54  SN
Spouse: Mary  Email:  [email protected]

Moore, I. Richard  Address:  707 Hacienda Way   San Rafael CA 94903
Phone:  415-472-0287
Years/Date on board: 1950 to 1952  Rate/Rank on board:  SN
Email:  [email protected]
Comments:  Photos and info to come.

Newcomer, John   Address: 11202 Nichols Rd
Phone : 810-639 6238
Years/Date on board : 1959-1961   Rate/Rank on board: SN
Email:  [email protected]

Nolan, William (Dick) Address: 2283 Hedgerow Rd condo B Columbus, Ohio 43220
Phone:  614 442 0380   cell:  614 327 5464
Years/Date on board:  early 1953 to October 1956   Rate/Rank on board: SN
Email:  [email protected]
Comments: would like to talk to any on board during these dates, so long ago. great site. I remember so many thats not on any list.

Oberlander, Patrick  Address :  103 Briar Ct    East Peoria, IL  61611-4433
Spouse : Bonnie    Phone : 309-694-0389
Years/Date on board :1958-1959   Rate/Rank on board :  ETR3
Email : [email protected]

O'Connell, Brian (Oak)        RD3      59-63

O'Connell, Jerome (Jerry) Captain USN (Ret.)
Address: 1010 American Eagle Blvd., Sun City Center, FL  33573-5186
Phone: 813-634-7991
Years/Date on board: 12/57- 6/60   Rate/Rank on board: LTJG  Spouse:  Mary Lou
Email: [email protected]

Park, Joseph Patrick  Address: 1908 Hoot-Owl Lane , Port Orange FL 32128
Spouse: Margret (Peg)   Phone: 386 763 1358  Cell: 386 233 5255 
Years/Date on board: May 1953 - Oct 1956  Rate/Rank on board: FT1
Email:  [email protected]

Pederson,  Carl   Address :  8190 Custers Trail   Inver Grove heights   Minnesota 55076
Spouse : Deceased  Phone :  651 455 4351
Years/Date on board :  Nov 1952 to Jun 1955   Rate/Rank on board : Sa to SK3
Email : [email protected]

Penza, John G.  Address: 873 Noble Ave. Bronx New York NY.10473-4107
Phone: 1-718-991-2065
Years/Date on board: 1950-1954  Rate/Rank on board: SN
Email: [email protected]
Comments: I am  the same John Drake who was from  Elizabeth town New York

Pete, Ronald   Address: 2733 Saint Clair Street, Bellingham,WA 98226
Spouse: Maureen
Years/ Date on board: 1958-1960  Rate/ Rank on board: SN
Email: [email protected]
Comments: two med cruises/ red sea as well as the inland seas cruise in two years!! Second division deck hand.

Phillips, Charles    Address: P.O.Box 566035   Atlanta, Ga. 
Spouse: Betty
Years/Date on board:1952 - 1953  Rate/Rank on board: Fire Control 3/C
Email: [email protected]

Phillips, Delmar Wayne   Address: 114 West High St., Findlay, Hancock, Ohio  
Years on board 55-56  Rate:  CSSN  Deceased:  03/2012

Pickering, Jim   214 Yorkshire Place, Bellevue, OH  Phone:  419-483-4992  1959-1962  FTG3  Spose:  Dorothy

Popular, John J.,  Address:  P.O. Box 304, Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785  Phone:  724-244-1190
Years on board:  Oct 1954-Aug 1956  Rate on board:  SK3
Email:  [email protected]

Postma, Donald    Address:  318 Loquat Drive  Barefoot Bay  FL 32976
Spouse: Cheryl   Phone:  772-202-4024
Years/Date on board: 58-61   Rate/Rank on board: EN3
Email:  [email protected]
Comments: Many good cruises and many areas to site see

Raney, Donald R. , Unit 5107, 205 Highland Ave. , Salem, MA 01970-2760
Spouse:  Joan  Phone: 978-594-5099    Years on board: 12/52-8/55 Rate: FT/2C
Email:  [email protected]

Raney, Edward   Address: 42 Brown St. Brockton, Ma. 02301
Spouse: Beverly  Phone: 508-586-8337
Years/Date on board: May '53 to Jan.'56 Rate/Rank on board: FT3
Email:  [email protected]

Reckner, Arthur (Art)   On board 1951-52    DK2
Died 4/11/2012

Rogers Jr., Robert C.  Address: 1000 27th Street  Parkersburg, WV 26101
Spouse: Doris  Phone: 304-422-8163
Years/Date on board: 1951-1954  Rate/Rank on board: MM1
Email: [email protected]

Rubican, Roy R.   2754 Bethel Crest Drive, Bethel Park, PA  15102-3820
Spouse: Marlene Ph. 412-833-4055   Years on board: 59-61 Rate on board: SN
Email: [email protected]

Salvante,  Joseph    Address: P.O. Box 844 Steinhatchee Fl 32359
Spouse: Rose  Phone: 352 498 4238
Years/Date on board: 8/1953-8/1957  Rate/Rank on board: MM2 ret as CW04
Email:  [email protected]
Comments: Good times and bad times. I would do it all over again.

Schwaab, Joe    Address:  47561 Bear Rd., Stanchfield, MN 55080-5229 
Spouse: Grace   Phone: 320-358-3504
Years/Date on board: '58-'61  Rate/Rank on board:  SKSN-SM2
Email:  [email protected]
Comments: Great reunion in Branson, thanks Don for all you and your wife did.  Joe

Schwartz, Robert J   Address: 407 Creamery Lane, Centerville, MD 21617
Spouse:   Phone:  443-262-8618
Years/Date on board:  1954-1956   Rate/Rank on board: SN
Email:  [email protected]

Seem, Lawrence S. "Larry"  Address: 2203 Maple St.  Wantagh, NY. 11793-4111
Spouse: Shirley  Phone:  516-826-0304
Years/Date on board: '54-'57  Rate/Rank on board: MM2
Email: [email protected]
Comments:  Best ship with the best crew.

Shanower, Calvin, 193 Saratoga Avenue N.W., Canton, Ohio  Phone: 330-477-8359  30-Jun-58 - 28-Jun-60
Rate/rank:  MM3   Spouse: Edie   Email: [email protected]  

Shea, Raymond P.,  12 Looney Avenue, Salem, MA 01970   54-57  LTjg

Simco, Thomas

SingletonBill     Address: 7505 E. High View Rd.  Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83814
Spouse: Madeline  Phone: (208) 667-3514
Date on Board: 55-58  Rate/Rank on Board: RD2
Email:  [email protected]
Comments: Entered from W.Va. & moved to Calif. & now Idaho
I was chosen to color paint the cast bronze "Dennis the Menace" cast brass emblems about 54-55.  After I painted them, they were coated with marine clear varnish for weather proofing.  I wonder where they are now?

Simco,Thomas F. 52-'54 SN

Simone Jr, John     Address : 36-39 171 Street, Flushing NY 11358
Spouse :  Dolores
Years/Date on board : 54-56   Rate/Rank on board :  FN
Email : j[email protected]
Comments : Hope to hear from the old tin can lovers!

Sotere, Ronald  (sodie)   Address: 34 Marion DR. North Haven Conn.  06473-2034
Spouse:  Roseann    Phone: 203-281-0258
Years/Date on board: Sept.1955 / Sept1957 Rate/Rank on board : MM3
Email:  [email protected]
Comments : best days of my life

StanbroughClifford (Red) Address:  #3 Glenn Ave. Alamogordo, New Mexico, 88310
Spouse: Carrie B.     Phone: 575 - 437 - 2027
Years/Date on board:  08/53' TO 11/54    Rate/Rank on board: FA / GMSN
Email: [email protected]

StoutLouis T   Address:   1717  Glendon Rd  Salem, VA.  24153-5419       
Spouse: Jean     Phone:  540-342-8519                                         
Years/Date on board: 50-53   Rate/Rank on board: FP2

Sullivan, Thomas J.  Phone: 5177-783-1716 Dates on board: 1955-57
Sons email: [email protected]

Tate, Arthur Address 110 Rodhos Street,  Toms River, New Jersey 08757
 Phone:   732-240-4613
 Date on Board:  1952-1954 Rate/Rank on Board:  Seaman First Class ET (Electronic Technician)

Taylor, Thomas   Address : 24051 Waltz Rd. New Boston, Michigan
Spouse : Patricia
Years/Date on board :1951-1954 
Email : [email protected]
Comments : I remember my father telling stories to my sister and I.  I am doing this for him.

Thomas, Jack B.    1954

Tomonto, James (Bob)  Address: 14311 SW 74th Court, Palmetto Bay, FL 33158
Spouse: Irene   Phone: 305 253 2036
Years/Date on board: 1954-1957  Rate/Rank on board: Ltjg,, Chief Engineer
Email: [email protected]

Updike, James Arthur:  FN

Ulrich, Paul  Address: 604 Pringle Ave Sp61  Galt ,Ca. 95632
Phone: 559 960 4082
Years/Date on board: Dec 1959 to May 1962 Rate/Rank on board: MM2
Email: [email protected]

VargasJoe  Address: 6601 Royer Ave. West Hills Calif.91307-3507
Spouse: Marjorie   Phone: 818 340 0258
Years/Date on board: 1953/1955  Rate/Rank on board: SO2
Email: [email protected]
Comments: Hope to get in touch with past shipmates. Glad to find this site.

Valinoti, Joe RMC USNR (ret)  Address: Oriental, NC
Years/Date on board: Jan'59 through Sep '59  Rate/Rank on board: RM2
Email: [email protected]

VanWynen, Duane  Address: 5302 Waldorff  Rd. Delton, MI. 49046
Spouse: Eileen    Phone: 269-623-5780
Years/Date on board: 1953-1957 Rate/Rank on board: EM1
Email:  [email protected]

Verbel, Edward  1952  QM3

Vota, Dominic J.  1951-1953  QM3

WeeksArthur  Address: 320 Hershberger Rd NW apt b42 Roanoke, VA 24012
Phone: 540 265 0099 Years/Date on board:  50-53 Rate/Rank on board: FN
Email: [email protected]
Comments: I am glad I found your web site.

Wells, Van L.  Address: (New 08/31/2018)  1133 E. Hawkins Parkway, #1008, Longview, TX  75605
Spouse: Frances   Phone : 903-475-0408
Years/Date on board: 12/59 to 7/61 Rate/Rank on board: BMSN
Email: [email protected]

Whalen, Francis E.   Address : 211 Pineburr Road, Greensboro, NC 27455
Phone: 336-392-1800  1957-61  EFSR
Email:  [email protected]

46 van Keuren highway, Kingston NY 12401
Spouse : Mary Ann   Years/Date on board : 56-58 
mail : [email protected]

Williams, James:  Address: 311 Boardwalk  Midlothian, TX  76065
Spouse: Billie  Phone:  972-775-6210
Years/Date on board: 1959/1962  Rate/Rank on board: SO2
Email: [email protected]
Comments: Looking for Don Polk same era. 

Wolfe, John    Address: 3619 Williams Street Hokes Bluff, Alabama 35903
Spouse: Angela b. Wolfe  Phone :(256) 494-9048
Years/Date on board: 1959-1962  Rate/Rank on board: DK2
Email: [email protected]
Comments: I was on board from late 1959 till march 1962.

Yesso, Andrew    Address: 1171 Dorset Court, Aurora, Ohio  44202
Spouse: Marcia  Phone: (330) 995-0093
Years/Date on board:   1959-1961  Rate/Rank on board: SN
Email: [email protected]

Yow, Charlie    Address : 1685 Thayer Road  Trinity, NC
Spouse : Crissie    Phone : 336-861-4124 or 382-6417
Years/Date on board : 53-54  Rate/Rank on board : FN
Comments : Was on Owens then "shanghied" to Keith

Zipp, Phil    Address : N10194 Pine Shore Lane  Tomahawk, WI  54487
Spouse : Carolyn     Phone : 715-453-2739
Years/Date on board : '56-59?     Rate/Rank on board : RM3 / RM2
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