Adams, Bruce    Address: 1905 21st st. SW, Austin, MN 55912
Spouse: Jaye   Phone: 507 433 5929
Years/Date on board: 1963 - 1964  Rate/Rank on board: PN3
Email:  [email protected] 
Comments: Decommissioned USS Bearss in 1963 before reporting to USS Willard Keith. 

Arkwood, David    Address : 6597 M 33 Onaway, MI 49765-9356
Spouse : Joann     Phone :  989 733 8444
Years/Date on board : 60s   Rate/Rank on board : PN2
Email :  [email protected]
Comments : this is my grandfathers information. he was a second class personnelman on the keith in the 60's. he served 18 yrs 8 months and 13 days in the navy total. feel free to give him a call and have him fill in the blanks. he isnt too internet savvy. explain that his grandson told you about him.

Armstrong, Robert          PO BOX 2066  Anderson, IN 4608
Date on Board:1964   Rate/Rank on Board: MR3
Email:   [email protected]

Ashley, Thomas  (TJ)  Address:  5161 Smyrna Rd.    Richmond, IN  47374
Spouse: Shirley   Phone: 765-962-2428
Years/Date on board : March 1964 to early 1968     Rate/Rank on board : MM2
Email :  [email protected]
Comments: Spent time in both Engine Rooms plus Logroom. Would love to hear from shipmates

Askren, Charles  Address : 8470 Mineer Rd,  Lynchburg,  OH  45142
Spouse : Virginia      Phone :  937-364-0226
Years/Date on board : 62/63   Rate/Rank on board : IC3
Email : [email protected]

Bailey, Douglas   Address: 25364 Hyders DR. Courtland VA.
Spouse: Dot   Phone: 757-653-0764
Years/Date on board: 1966 to 1969  Rate/Rank on board: MM3
Email: [email protected]

Barrera, Chuck  Address: 35 Foley st. Manchester CT.06040
Spouse: Chickey   Phone: 860 649 2452
Years/Date on board: 66-67  Rate/Rank on board: QM3
Email: [email protected]
Comments: go shell backs

Beasley, Charles        Address :550 Dixie airport Rd Madison Heights, VA 24572
Spouse :Virgie    Phone :  434 929-5258
Years/Date on board :1/66 - 1/68   Rate/Rank on board :  RD3
Email : [email protected]

Bengtson, Ray  Address: 9444 Lowell Ave
Spouse: June  Phone: 913 648 7669
Years/Date on board: Aug 61 - Dec 62  Rate/Rank on board:RM2
Email:  [email protected]

Beucler, George  Address: 2402 Turtle Bay Dr New Bern NC.
Spouse: Anne
Years/Date on board:  1963   Rate/Rank on board: MM3
Email: [email protected]

Blanos, George   Address : 1640 Constable Street  Prescott, AZ  86301
Spouse : Denise     Phone : 928-778-2985
Years/Date on board : 1962 - 1966   Rate/Rank on board : RD2
Email :  [email protected]
Comments :  Memorable experiences that were priceless.

Bradley, Claiborne (Tim)  Years on board:  63-64  Commander (CO) 

Brasher, Stephen   Address: 2230 Nolan Falkner Ct.   Cantonment, FL 32533
Spouse: Barbara   Phone: 850 937-4632
Years/Date on board: August 1962 to May 1964   Rate/Rank on board: RD2
Email: [email protected]

Brooks, M. Bert  Address; 460 Beck Mill Rd. Hanover, PA 17331
 Spouse: Nancy   Phone: (717) 465-8225
 Date on Board: 06/1969--05/1971  Rate/Rank on Board: RD3
Email:  [email protected]
Comments: After spending 4 years on board USS FURSE DD882, It was great to serve on board the Keith in the Radar gang as a reservist on the weekends & 2 two week cruises.    

Brooks, Tommy    Address:  2575 Loch Gate Ln. Powhatan Va 23139
Spouse: Carolyn     Phone: 804 598 2761
Years/Date on board: 1966 -1970  Rate/Rank on board: BT3 Oil King
Email:  [email protected]

Brown, Kenneth (Kenny) R.:  52-56, CM3  

Bryan, Jim   Address:  822 Finney Drive, Vinton, Va. 24179
Spouse: Susan
Years/Date on board : 1966-1968   Rate/Rank on board: YN3

Capper, John  Address : 1306 Brophy, Park Ridge, IL 60068
Phone : 847.698.9259
Years/Date on board : 62-63   Rate/Rank on board: QM3
Email : [email protected]
Comments: Looking for some old buddies in the QM and signal area

Coburn, John   Address: 3008 11th Ave., Port Huron, MI 48060
Spouse:Kim  Phone: 810-982-1280
Years/Date on board: 1961-1965 Rate/Rank on board: SM3
Email:  [email protected]    or   [email protected]
Comments: Great bunch of fellas, in retrospect.  I wasn't much of a very good sailor overall - just couldn't seem to get back to the ship on time, and had a problem with authority! But, I was looked upon onboard as one He-- of a macrame maker and in DesRon 22 as one heck of a Signalman. Can't remember if I made SM3 on the Willy-Boat or after transferring to the Beatty or Murray. Long time ago - Nice to see names here!

Copeland, John   Address : Waco, TX
Spouse : Ruby
Years/Date on board : 64-66Rate/Rank on board : RM3
Email : [email protected]
Comments : Lots of great memories

Corey: Jayson Address: 1030 Pine Tree Lane  Oakland, Michigan  48363
Date on Board: 1969 - 1971  Rate/Rank on Board: RD3
Email: [email protected]

Costello:  61-64

D’ambrisi, Reginald W.      Address: PO BOX  316 Saranac Lake, N.Y. 12983
Spouse: Paula  Phone: 518-891-1678  &  518-524-6879
Years/Date on board:  Dec. 1962-  Nov. 1963   Rate/Rank on board: SN/PNSN
Email:   [email protected]

Davis, Lucious  Address: J 3 112 Towering Pines Dr. Lakeland, Fl
Spouse: Sumiko   Phone: 863-644-7828
Years/Date on board: 1959-1962  Rate/Rank on board: GM1
Birthday: 08/23/36
Email: [email protected]
Comments: Looking for a SN Joseph McCollum. Served during that same period of time

Dobrzynski, Fred (ski)  Address :1024 First Street Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 19971
Spouse :  Marge   Phone :  13207407342
Years/Date on board : 62-65   Rate/Rank on board: SN
Email: [email protected]
Comments: Hello to all

Dowling, Joseph  Address: 826 West 35th St., Norfolk, VA  23508 Years on board:  60s/70s (RES.)
Rate:  CS1 Spouse:  Margaret  Phoone:  757-627-8208  
Email:  [email protected]   Died 1973

Eagle, Craig  Address:  3805 Cedar Grove Lane, Jacksonville, FL  32257  Spouse:  Shirley

Farnham, James   Address: 5737 Cactus Dr  Milton, FL  32583
Spouse: Debra   Phone: 850 983 2904
Years/Date on board: 1960 - 1962   Rate/Rank on board: FT2
Email:  [email protected]

Fenton, James, 919 South 7th Street, Quincy, IL  62301  Phone:  217-224-0877
4/1968-2/1971   BT2     Email:  [email protected]
I was called "Patch" my last two years on board because I wore a patch on my left eye.  I worked in the forward boiler.  I had a lot of good times on board.  I hope all the men have had a great life since I was on board!

Flurry, Louis  Address: 134 Live Oak Dr. Lucedale, MS 39452
Spouse: Janette  Phone:  601-947-4588
Years/Date on board: 1964-1966  Rate/Rank on board: BT1
Birthday: 05/05/36  Email: [email protected]
Comments: Would like to hear from any shipmate.

Friedhaber, Robert  Address: 41 Autumn Wood Rochester, NY 14624
Spouse: Debra    Phone: 585 889 1063
Year/Date on Board: 64-65   Rate/Rank on Board: FN/EN3
Birthday: 05/05/45  Email: [email protected]

Fouche ' Calvin
Years/Date on board : Dec. 68 to April 72
Email : [email protected]

Fogelsonger, James R        Address : 500 Stanton  Bay City, MI 48708
Spouse : Paulette  Phone : 989-892-0187
Years/Date on board :1962   Rate/Rank on board : BT2
Email :  [email protected]

Fouche ' Calvin
Years/Date on board : Dec. 68 to April 72
Email : [email protected]

Friedhaber, Robert J., 41 Autumn Wood, Rochester, NY 14624-5345
Phone: 585-889-1063 1964-65 FN Spouse: Debra Email: [email protected]

Gibson, Gary W.,  39518 Elgin Dr., Zephyrhills, FL 33542-4741  Phone:  813-713-4487
Years/Date on board:  1968 or 69   Rate on board:  EN2   Spouse:  Benita
Email:  [email protected]  

Gibson, Richard, 261 Winchester Street, South Lyon, MI 48178  Phone:  248-437-9936
Years on board:  1961-62  Rate/Rank on board:  SN  Spouse:  Gerry (Deceased )
Email:  [email protected]

Spouse :  BRENDA    Phone :  423-892-0703
Years/Date on board : 62-63  Rate/Rank on board : RDSN

Giordano,  Joseph    Address:  516  Oakmont  Drive, MT. Sterling,  KY 40353
Spouse:  Sue     Phone: 859-497-9618
Years/Date on board: 1969-1971   Rate/Rank on board: MMCS
Email:  [email protected]
Comments: great ship, grear m div. crew.  proud to have served with them

Glasgow, James A    Address: 428 Leafland Ave  Centrailia, IL 62801
Spouse:   Judy    Phone: 618- 532-9105
Years/Date on board: 1962-1965  Rate/Rank on board: SK3
Email: [email protected]

Glass, Orie F  Address: 820 SW 13 Ct  Pompano Beach, FL 33060
Spouse: Millie Glass   Phone: (954) 782-4105
Years/Date on board: 1960 - 1962  Rate/Rank on board: MM3
Email: [email protected]
Comments: Served under Chief Bento.  Would like to hear from anyone who served during that time frame.  

Gonter, Ron  Address: 803 Nancy Jean Drive, McKees Rocks, PA 15136
Years/Date on board:  2/61-8/63  Rate/Rank on board:  RD3
Email: [email protected]

Goodwin, John   Address: 425 Riverside Drive Portsmouth VA 23707
Spouse: Kay   Phone: 757-581-2031
Date on Board: 1968 -1970   Rate/Rank on Board: IC2
Email:   [email protected]

Gregory, Charles   Address :  4665 Bohart Place
Spouse :   Faye      Phone :719-637-1357
Years/Date on board : 01/1969 to 7-1969  Rate/Rank on board : IC3
Email :   [email protected]

Griffin, George  Address : 1708 S 12St  ST Joseph, MO 2651
Spouse : Delores Phone :   816 364 0128
Years/Date on board : 1966-67   Rate/Rank on board : YNSN
Email : [email protected]

Hardin, Wendell   Address :25 Dogwood Mt. Rd. 
Spouse :  Joyce E. Hardin   
Years/Date on board :1968 - 1969    Rate/Rank on board :  RD 2
Email : [email protected]

Hartsook, Gary   Address : 3800 Lisa CT. unit c, Reno, Nevada 89503
Phone : 775 343 5085 
Years/Date on board : 1961-1963  Rate/Rank on board : MM2
Email :  [email protected]

Herzog, John    Address:1304 VIVIAN AVE :ROANOKE VA 24019
Spouse: CELIA     Phone: 540-819-3546
Date on Board: 1964-1967   Rate/Rank on Board: MM2
Email:  [email protected]

Hultgren, Allan  Address: 26 School st.Cumberland, R.I.
Spouse :  Claudia     Phone: 401-722-2664
Years/Date on board:  Feb.5,1966 to Feb.18, 1966  ( 2 weeks active duty )
Rate/Rank on board :  HN
Email : [email protected]
Comment:  We went from Norfork Va. to SanJuan Pr. and back. We hit a storm and it was really rough!

Hunsicker, Carl R. Address: 109 Pecan Drive Murfreesboro, NC 27855
Spouse: Bonnie   Phone:  252-398-8524    Cell: 252-578-6276
Year/Date on Board: 1962-1964   Rate/Rank on Board: IC1/ICC
Birthday: April 12   
Email: [email protected]
Comments: Great ship/ great crew of 8 ships I served on the Keith was the best. 
      I remember when we were the "pony express" ship during the cubaan blockade

Hunter, Larry E  Address:  6599 Kuna Road, Kuna, ID 83634
Spouse:  Mary  Phone:  208-402-8822 
Dates on board:  1/15/1964-2/1/1965  Rate/Rank on board:  RD3
Email:  [email protected]

Johnson, Robin [Went by John]  Address: 1320 Wilroy Road, Suffolk, Va. 23434
Spouse: Earline Phone: 757 934 8007 (Please leave a message)
Years/Date on board: April 1962 to Oct 1966 Rate/Rank on board: MM2
Email: [email protected]
Comments: It was a part of my life and home for three and a half years. I was 
onboard when she was commissioned as a reserve training ship and the navy brought the mother of Willard Keith aboard for the recommissing. Sorry I didn't get any photos.

Jones, Richard A Address 135 Sunburst Lane NW Cleveland, TN 37312
Spouse: Sue Phone: 423-339-5764 / 423-650-3699
Years/Date on board: 1962-1965 Rate/Rank on board : LTJG Operations Officer 
Email: [email protected]
Comments: The three years on the Keith have been very significant to me throughout my life.

Kimm, Francis     Address: 9603 S. 400 W. Pendleton, In 46064
Spouse: Jeanine  Phone: (765)778-3941
Years/Date on board: 7 months - Jan. 1960 - Sept. 1960 - (Discharged) after Med Cruise
Rate/Rank on board:  RDSN
Email:  [email protected]

Krause, Richard   Address :  3150 Nautical Place S, St. Petersburg, FL 33712-4799
Years/Date on board  Feb. 1963 to Aug. 1965    Rate/Rank on board : LTjg
Email : [email protected]

Kutzfar, David,  303 Sell Street, North Versailles, PA  15137   Phone:  412-673-3763  
1962-64   FN   Spouse:  Sandra

Lauretano, Ralph   Address: 14741 Mustang Trail, Southwest Ranches, Florida 33330
Spouse: Dale    Phone: 954-434-1474
Year/Date on Board:  1960 - 1962 Rate/Rank on Board: RM2
Email: [email protected]
Comments: Would like to hear from old shipmates, especially radiomen from the early 60's. I miss my time aboard Keith.  My Battle Station was in 'After Radio', a paint locker on the main deack, aft, starboard side.

Lavingno, Carmine V., Verona, NJ     1962-64   EM3  (Died April 2012)

Lewis, Clyde, Newport News, VA 66-68  RDSN

Lewis, (Lou) Randy    Address : 128 Carolina Way    Sanford, NC 27332
Spouse : Marie Phone : (919)498-2722, Cell:  (910)850-5126
Years/Date on board :  Jan,68-Oct,69   Rate/Rank on board : BT,E-3, Aft Fire Room
Email :  [email protected]
Comments : I remember Tommy Brooks, alias, Benny Bogal. He was our specialist taking fuel on board when underway. Also looking for Teachey,and Truax,and Tracy Robertson. Oh and Clarkie our 1st Class PO. 

Lobocki, Ralph   Address : 36534 Lansbury Lane  Farmington, MI 48335
Spouse : Cathy
Years/Date on board :  1966-1969  Rate/Rank on board :  EMfA - EM2
Email :  [email protected]

Machus, Hugh  Address: 2341 Isabell, Troy Mi. 48083
Years/Date on board: 64-66  Rate/Rank on board: FTG/3
Spouse: Rita  Phone:  248-561-7905
Email: [email protected]

Mahler, James     State: Virginia    Years on board:  67-69  Rate on board E4

Martin, Russell S. (Marty)  Address : 381 Colony Farm Road   Milledgeville, Georgia, 31061
Spouse : Elizabeth     Phone : 478-452-8177
Years/Date on board :1964-1968    Rate/Rank on board :  BT/ E5
Email :   [email protected]

Mattson, John  Address: 36 South Ledyard St. New London,Connecticut 06320
also 115 Mt. Isle Ave N.E. Saint Petersburg,Florida 33702 
Spouse: Sarah  Phone: 860-303-3880
Years/Date on board: 1965-1967  Rate/Rank on board: TM3
Email: [email protected]
Comments:  Would love to hear from some shipmates

Maynard, Donald J.  CDR  67-69

McDonald, Steve  Address: 9020A SW 93rd Lane Ocala Fl 34481
Spouse: Brenda   Phone:  812-344-1936
Years/Date on board:1961-1964 Rate/Rank on board: RD3
Email: [email protected]

McHenry, Michael  Address: 2308 Chesapeake Avenue, Hampton, VA 23661
Spouse: Anne   Phone: (757)244-6648
Years/Date on board:1963-1968 Rate/Rank on board: HM3/USNR
Email: [email protected]

McQuinn, Donald    Address: 1025 Wyatt Lane, Westfield N.C. 27053
Spouse: Gloria   Phone:  1-336-351-3913
Years/Date on board: Jan 1964- Jan1966   Rate/Rank on board: GMSN
Email: [email protected]
Comments: enjoyed the great time

Menard, Dennis    Address: 295 Hartland Rd  Tolland  Ma   01034
Spouse:Jacqueline   Phone: 413 258 4922
Date on Board: Sept 1966-June 1967  Rate/Rank on Board: ET3
Email:  [email protected]
Comments: I was on temporary assignment between ETA school and Nuclear Power School.   I installed an SPS6 radar while on board, and remember Douglas E Petersen very well as well as radarman Chuck Beasley.  We did a cruise to St. Johns NS. I am sure I have some ancient pictures somewhere, if I can find them. I later spent three years on the Ethan Allen, SSBN608.

Monroe, Taylor    Address : 608 E Iowa Ave   Bessemer City, NC 28016
Spouse :  Frances    Phone :  704-629-4985
Years/Date on board : 1962-1963  Rate/Rank on board : SN
Email :  [email protected]

Morgan, David    Address: 3682 County Road 456 Skandia, MI 49885
Spouse: Patricia   Phone: 906-942-7279
Years/Date on board: 1962-63  Rate/Rank on board: CORPSMAN/SN
Email: N/A

Mowers, Steven   Address : 2718 Norway Pine Rd  Rockford,IL. 61109
Spouse : JoAnn   Phone : 815-621-9232
Years/Date on board :  Jan 1969 - July 1 1972  Rate/Rank on board : EN3
Email :  [email protected]

Mueller, Herman     Address : 167 Goudy Court, North Augusta, SC 29841-4661
Spouse: Dorothy  Phone: 763-535-6338
Years/Date on board: 1964 to 1967  Rate/Rank on board: FTG2
Email: [email protected]

Murphy, Francis R.
Dates on board:  62-65
Rate on board:  MR3
Email:  [email protected]

Norman, David   Address: 26450 Moore Farm Lane, Onancock, VA  23417
Phone:  757-787-7684  Year on board:  1969  Rate/Rank on board:  PN3
Email:  [email protected]

O'Brien, Joseph (Obie)        SN       69

O'Connell, Jerome (Jay)   Address: 1708 Orchid Court  Sun City Center,  FL 33573    
Spouse : May Lou       Phone: 813-634-7991
Years/Date on board: 1969-70  Rate/Rank on board: LCDR/CDR
Birthday: 11/10  Email: [email protected]
Comments: Exec 3/69-7/70  XO under CDR Maynard and CDR Ehleringer

Olecski         EM3       64

O'Rourke, Pat  Address : 3921 Kerri Ct. Holland, MI  49424
Spouse :  Betty      Phone : 616-403-2906
Years/Date on board : 67-69   Rate/Rank on board : SK3
Email : [email protected]

Orenstein, Ed   102 Converse Street, Longmeadow, MA  01106-1112  
Phone:  413-567-3143  1961-62

Panlener, Jon  Address: 3000 Aztec Rd. NE  Sp 256  Albuquerque, NM  87107
Spouse: Deceased     Phone: 505-266-8300
Years/Date on board: 1961-1963Rate/Rank on board: ETR-2
Email: [email protected]

Peterson, Cecil,  P.O. BOX 102, Bayfield, WI   54814    Phone:  715-209-2431
Years on board: 1960-61   Rate on board:  BT3  Spouse: Tina  

Platz, Robert   Address: Dyersville,Iowa 52040
Spouse: Rosie  Phone:  563 875 8663
Years/Date on board: 1962-1965  Rate/Rank on board: EM2
Birthday: 04/08/43   Email: [email protected]

Porsch, Howie  Address: Washingtonville, NY
Years/Date on board: 64 to 67 Rate/Rank on board: BT3
Email: [email protected]

Reigel,  Terry     Address: 239 Rhodes Rd  Columbia  NC  27925
Spouse: Geraldine   Phone: 252 796 1757
Years/Date on board:  June 65 to 1972   Rate/Rank on board:  MM2
Email :  [email protected]
Comments: Out standing duty when I got to see what it looked like
 out side of bravo 4...

Ramp, David , 1968-70  NCC

Rials. David,  10811 S.W. 51st Court, Davie, FL  33328  Phone:  954-805-2112   1965
STGSN-STG3  Spouse:  Alison      Email:  [email protected]

Schetka, Roman  (Ron)   Address : 750 Wallace Run Rd   Darlington, PA  16115
Spouse : Christine   Phone : 724-827-8114
Years/Date on board : 64-67   Rate/Rank on board : QM2
Email : [email protected]
Comments : Looking for J.R. Meadows and G.E. Durrance

Smith, Jackson S, Jr     Address : 3921 Hamilton Ave, Fort Worth, TX
Spouse : Susan G    Phone : 714-815-1469
Years/Date on board : 67-70  Rate/Rank on board : Ltjg
Email : [email protected]

Selby, Larry C.   1351 Elkhorn Lake Road, Lakae Orion, MI  48362  
Phone:  248-466-9367
Years on board:  61-63    Rate:  E3 (SN)    Spouse:  Marleen
Email:  [email protected]

Surdick, Larry   Address: 32 Carriage Court Pittsford, NY 14534
Spouse:  KAY   Phone: 585.303-5815
Years/Date on board: 1960 - 1961 Rate/Rank on board: RM3
Email: [email protected]

Taylor, Monroe       Address : 608 E Iowa Ave  Bessemer City, NC 28016
Spouse : Frances  Phone : 704-629-4985
Years/Date on board : 1962/1963  Rate/Rank on board : SN
Email : [email protected]

Teague, Richard L., P.O. Box 276, (321 Bates Street), Lodgepole, NE  69149-0276
Phone:  308-250-1275 
Aug 1960-May 1963  SOG3 Spouse:  Karen
Email:  [email protected]
Comments:  Anyone remember the storm late 62 or early 63 while in the Med?  A 3 day and night thrashing!

Thorpe, Earl   Address: 33 Hazelwood Road Asheville North Carolina
Years/Date on board:  1966/1967  Rate/Rank on board: RD3
Email: [email protected]
Comments: Seems like a lifetime has gone by never knew I would miss
 the times and all my friends.

Truxall, Charles (Bill)  Address: PO Box 357, Reedville, VA 22539
Spouse: Rockie  Phone: 804-453-5700
Years/Date on board: 1967-1968   Rate/Rank on board: LCDR
Email: [email protected]
Comments: Glad to see there is an organization. Looking for our shipmmates from the mid 60's era. Been trying to locate Jackson Smith for many years. The last contact I had with him he said he was going to get a reunion together - I'm still waiting! Best to all

Turner, Charles    Address: 4116 Hillside Dr.
Spouse: JOANN     Phone: HOME  (765)313-1571    CELL (765)412-1630
Years/Date on board: MAR.1968-DEC.1969    Rate/Rank on board: SF2/1
Email:  [email protected]

Turner, Gerry D.   Address: 21751 Rangeline Road   Jerseyville  IL  62052
 Spouse: J. Elaine Turner   Phone: 1-618-535-2077
 Date on Board: 1963 - 1965    Rate/Rank on Board: Machinist Mate Third Class
 Email: [email protected]
 Comments: Still alive

Turner, Ken   Address: 960 Panicum Dr. Prescott, AZ  86305
Spouse: Dawn   Phone: (928) 445-1520
Years/Date on board: 3 yrs. April 15,1959 to June 1,1962   Rate/Rank on board: FTG2
Birthday: 12-16-39   Email: [email protected]

Valinoti, Joe RMC USNR (ret)   Address: 5309 Bogue Dr., Oriental, NC  28571-9427
Spouse:  Paula  Phone:  252-249-1655  Years/Date on board: Jan 1961 - Oct 1961
Rate/Rank on board: RMSN - RM2
Email:  [email protected]
Comments: Will never forget the Med cruise though I was transferred early

Wainwright, James    Address :  104 Aldrich Ave,   Altoona, PA 16602-3202
Spouse: Audrey     Phone: (814) 942-2758
Years/Date on board:  1967-1968   Rate/Rank on board: FN

Weatherbee, Robert   Address :   27970 Carl Circle  Bonita Springs, Florida 34135
Spouse :   Phyllis  Phone :   239 947 2477
Years/Date on board :1960-1963  Rate/Rank on board : TMSN
Email :   [email protected]

Webster, Keith G.   Address: 3490 Irwin Avenue, Mims, FL 32754
Phone: 321-848-3875  Years on board: 64-66  Rate: TM2

West, Donald (Don)  Address : 438 Magnolia Drive  Jennings, LA. 70546
Spouse : Barbara (Bobbye)  Phone : 337 824-6074
Years/Date on board : Appx. 11/1969-11/1970  Rate/Rank on board :Storekeeper 2nd Class
Email : [email protected]
Comments: Pretty good duty. Short tour, but met good friend while on board (DK3 Jones) and still in touch. CO was great, Supply Officers Kuhn and Hobson were a lot of fun. Discharged Nov.70,

Wetzel, Fred   Address: 322 SCHOOL DR.PITTSBURGH PA.
Spouse: BARB   Phone: 412 821 5008
Year/Date on board: 1963 TO 1967 Rate/Rank on board: MM 2
Birthday: 10/6/43   Email:  [email protected]

Willis :James    Address :   503 Clifton Avenue   Clifton, New Jersey 07011
Spouse :  Florence    Phone :  973-478-2466
Years/Date on board :1961-1962   Rate/Rank on board : SA
Email : [email protected]
Comments: I look forward to being a member of the USS Willard Keith retiree club. I made a med cruse and enjoyed my time on the ship.Thank You.

Wince, Kenneth   Address:  665 Bella Vista  Edgewater, FL 32141
Phone: 740-503-1739
Date on Board: 1960-1964    Rate/Rank on Board: E2
Email:    [email protected]
Comments:   So Glad I found this Website

Wolfer, Michael   Address: 5358 Werk Rd. #40  Cincinnnati   Ohio  45248
Spouse: Donna
Date on Board: Jan. 1969    Rate/Rank on Board: BUCN
Email:  [email protected]
Comments:This was my 2 week cruise as I was a reservist and was already in a Seabee Batt. Was kind of lost but had a good time.

Wright, Donald  Address:  Virginia Beach, VA
Spouse : Nancy 
Years/Date on board :1965-1967    Rate/Rank on board :  RM3
Email : [email protected]

Wright, Larry   Address : 585 SE 59th Ct    Hillsboro, Oregon  97123
Spouse : Luann     Phone : 503-649-1618
Years/Date on board : Sept. 1961 to Sept. 1964   Rate/Rank on board : ETN3
Email :  [email protected]

Wylie, J. Bruce, 1160 Lakewood Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32207
Spouse: n/a Phone: 904-396-1160
Years on board: 1961-64 Rate/Rank on board: QM3
Email: n/a

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