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Jerry Hansen  (52-55  FT2)  and Louise

Steve Luttrell  (71-72  MM3)  and Ila

Mike McHenry  (64-68  HM3)  and Anne

Joe Mitchell  (70-71  LTJG)  and Sheila

Paul Goldberg  (57-59  SN/RM3) and Snookie

David Graham  (56-59  SF3) and Karen

Roy Rubican  (59-61 SN) and Marlene

Joe Bauer  (50-52  BTFN) and daughter Susan MacDade

Don McQuinn  (64-66  GMSN) and Gloria

Wheeler Gill  (58-61  RM3)  and Gloria

Bruce Wylie  (61-64 QM3)  and Allison Wylie Mehlhorn. 

"Casey" Jones  (50-53  FTSN)

Don Hempstead  (52-56  MM2) and Jane

Mark Hempstead (Don's son) and daughter-in-law Pam

Hugh Machus  (64-66  FTG3)  and Rita

Larry Selby  (61-63  E3) and Marleen

Francis Whalen (56-58) and daughter Cheryl

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GUESTS:  To honor recently deceased shipmate Robert "Jim" "Kosmo" Kosmowski

Family members Terri Kosmowski-Ludwig ), Dana Ludwig, Dawn Reiger, Chris Reiger, Makala Reiger and Alex Sowa