VideoRay to Search for Submarine Sunken in Half Moon Bay, CA, in 

                               Helping Fufill a 42-Year Mission of Mystery
Members of the media watch the VideoRay system that will be used to search for a submarine sunken in 1945. A press conference at Pillar Pint Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay, CA, set the stage for the search, which will be conducted in the next few weeks.
Rich Faulk, president of Above and Below H2O and VideoRay customer, stands with Bill Anderson, who was on the USS Willard Keith in 1945 when it dropped 12 depth charges on a mysterious submarine. Anderson has been searching for the submarine since. Faulk, holding the VideoRay, is planning to search locations Anderson has identified as possible sites for the destroyed sub.
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From the Bay Area's News Station KRON 4

From the San Francisco Chronicle
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